Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Okay, I promised some movie gossip in this blog. What I remember as interesting might not be, but here goes.

Christmas on my first movie job involved mailing presents to Jon Voight's relatives. I was the secretary in the office on location and he kindly asked me if I would send them all out, to his "relatives in Texas". He gave me plenty of cash, so I did it. He seemed like a nice person. On that film (Desert Bloom) Voight also asked me to hire a live-in baby-sitter for his two children, Angelina and Jamie, who were being shipped to him by ex-wife. He wanted it to be a guy. So I brought in three possibles, and he interviewed them in my office and picked one (not the one I thought was best). Voight had an apartment on that show, and the kids had a separate apartment, next door. The baby-sitter was supposed to live next door with the kids.

Many weeks into the film, I asked Angelina (who couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 at the time) what was up with the baby sitter guy and how was that working out. She said, "oh, my dad fired him because he was walking around naked all the time, so now we don't have one." And that was the end of the story. I said to myself, "hell, I wish Voight would have told me there was a problem, I would have done something." I also recall occasional visits to the set by the mother--the ex-wife, who lived in Hollywood at the time. I remember she was a beautiful, but really pale woman with long dark hair and big voluptuous lips (nobody ever mentions that Jolie grew up to look just like her mom, so I'm saying it here). I was 21 at the time, so I thought it was interesting to see a famous actor's ex-wife, and I wondered why he would give her up, and all those kinds of things you wonder.

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Hi Gina, I remember you from the Tucson Racquet Club. Call us sometime! (Kayla told me about your blog).
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