Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It costs $900 for a VIP ticket to the Grammy Awards this year. Okay, to see Gwen Stefani sing Hollaback Girl live would certainly be worth something. Balcony seats are only (cough) $125 each. I like voting, though. You fill in circles like on the SAT exam. If they would have the awards in New York, now that would be perfect.

Today I also received my Screen Actors Guild Awards ballot and tried to fill it out while eating dinner. Funny, I haven't seen a SINGLE one of the movies OR Television shows listed. So I just voted for people I like. Kiefer Sutherland, James Spader, Mary-Louise Parker, Paul Giamatti, Joaquin Phoenix, and Catherine Keener (was the wife of Dermot Mulroney, is she still? She brought a furry spider on a springy string for my cat on Fire Island when we were imprisoned there on Longtime Companion, so she's A-ok by me). Well, it goes to show, I'm not in the film business anymore. The rest of the people I wouldn't even recognize on the street if I ran into them. Who is David Strathairn? Felicity Huffman? Sorry.

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