Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tim Roth and British dentistry

To put it as nicely as I can, Tim Roth's son had a mouthful of cavities when he showed up to live with his father on the set of Bodies, Rest, and Motion. Now that the boy is safely an adult, and in charge of his own affairs, I'm sure he's doing much better. Successful as he was as an actor at the time, I found it odd that Roth couldn't manage the upkeep of his child's basic health needs. It took an entire summer to fill the boy's cavities. The dentist gave Hedi, Tim's assistant (seen here standing) a beeper so that she could whisk the kid in every time there was a free half hour of time in the dentist's chair. It was pretty bad. And today I read this in the new york times. Well, I guess it wasn't Tim's fault.

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