Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dead actor

This is a better picture of Chris Penn (on the left) than any I saw in the obituaries. He was in fine shape back then. It was a long time ago on location outside of Franklin, Tennessee, on Jamie Foley's At Close Range. The one on the right is Chuck Waters, Sean Penn's stunt double, setting up a shot where Chris dives into the quarry.

Chuck was the stuntman who did the stairfall at the end of The Exorcist, and still gets paid every time that scene is ever shown anywhere. I saw him double Sean, Redford, Dustin, and many women. Chris was dating the ice skater Tai Babylonia at the time, and Sean was dating Madonna. Chris Walken wore bowling shirts and the laundry service kept stealing clothes they thought might be Madonna's. I just fed the horses and tried to figure out where Eddie Money lived.

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