Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Europeans are just better

no offense, fellow americanos, but when i think about all the roommates i've had over the years, and for some reason i did that today, i just realize that the europeans have been the best. right now i don't have any roommates, but if i did, i hope it would be someone with an accent who would leave some nice strawberry smelling shampoo thing on my tub when they leave town. they always leave something cool and nice behind.


Maulleigh said...

I tend to prefer Asians. They commit fewer crimes and don't startle me on the street. The "good" minority does apply

The Chinese do spit; I don't miss that from living in Chinatown. Ick.

archeress said...

my experience with them, not so good. i dated a fairly well-known chinese musician who actually clapped his hands at hotel employees to get their attention and he was super rude to cabbies. yuk, didn't last long at all.

Make the logo bigger said...

I had a roomate from South Korea in college. He was very quiet. Very scary. He would practice Tae Kwon Do at like, 2:00 am.

Not that I'm profiling, I’m just sayin is all.