Wednesday, July 19, 2006

father daughter thing

I ran into Peter Fonda outside a rest stop bathroom at Picacho Peak. He was playing a cameo part in Bodies, Rest, and Motion (a biker, how original of us). I had spoken with him on the phone many times at his home in Bozeman before he came out on location with us, but this was the first time we had actually met. I asked Bridget if she minded my taking the picture. My rental car had a flat tire that day and after it was fixed I gave them both a ride back to Tucson. It was a cheerful trip.


Corey said...

I find it ironic that Peter's ex married Ted, who also owns property in Bozeman (ok, most of MT). Then they split, and now MT is like a no-Jane zone. Howver, Bozeman has gone to shite.

archeress said...

Peter and Jane are brother and sister, if I'm not mistaken, but this family tree is confusing. I do remember him saying Bozeman was going downhill. Your Flickr photos are amazing by the way.

Corey said...

Brother/Sister. Husband/Wife.
Too much time down south.

Glad you enjoyed my pictures. I'll post more once my camera gets out of the shop.

Corey said...

Of course, they're the kids of Peter. What the hell was I thinking?

Maulleigh said...

I dated a guy who looked like Peter: it was uncanny those Easy Rider photos. Perhaps if we'd had kids, they would have looked like Bridget.

Well, I would never have known because if I'd have married my ex-boyfriend, I would have eventually jumped from the 59th street bridge or been locked up in Arkham asylum for life. (like my nerdy Batman reference?)

archeress said...

we don't like the term "nerdy" here at archeress we prefer "scholarly", "clever", "witty", "erudite", "sage" and "thought-provoking". :-)

you on that motorcycle, easy ridin, so adorable. i'm going to take a picture of you and post it here so (a few) people will know how actually damn cute you are molly.

geez i can't believe i have to do word verification on my own fukin blog