Monday, August 21, 2006

Appian Way, Laurel Canyon

The most horrible place I ever lived

I had been living in a converted garage beach house in Venice, California and it was taking me almost an hour to drive to work every morning, up to birdland at the top of Doheny off Sunset. I thought my life would be better if I lived in Hollywood Hills and could get to work in five minutes. So I moved to this guest house (east end of house circled above) at 8946 Appian Way, which was once the home of Errol Flynn. Since I was the archeress, I thought it would be good to live where Robin fucking Hood once lived.

But I was wrong. The place had fleas.
The couple who owned the main house fought loudly every night.
My bike got rusty from disuse.
I grew to detest the city lights view, so bright it kept me awake at night.
I had only my bear for comfort.

I did get to work in five, however, coasting down Sunset Plaza in neutral in my white VW bug. The big gray house under construction below me was supposed to have been Robert Downey Jr.'s but I never once saw him down there.

It was a cool looking place overall, higher up than Mulholland drive even, but I just hated it. I prefer to be near water I guess.

As soon as that film job was over, I moved back to New York for awhile. What a relief.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Manhattan has just about everything.

Even a riding academy on west 89th street I noticed tonight on my way home.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

archeress's august baseball report

Lucky number seven "young pup" Reyes

i won four tickets to a Mets game. We went last night.

David Wright & Michael Piazza
(farm boy vs. ny paisan)

My first pro baseball game since the Dodgers in college.
Weather was great, company was as good as it gets,
hot dogs and beers were expensivo, and the scenery priceless.

Jose Reyes,base stealer extraordinaire
"no way old man piazza can throw my lightning fast ass out"

Mike Piazza, now a "Padre" on third

Carlos Beltran, the awesome gazelle

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


El Paso Hellhole

I first encountered the band WASP on the set of this "Blind In Texas" shoot. I am not in this video. ZZTop is also not in this video. I did get to hold a real armadillo, however, and yes, Blackie Lawless is wearing women's panty hose. I know because I had to go out and buy them. The band is holding the director, Rick Friedberg.