Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lovely day on a volcano

One Sunday on my day off, I took a boat captained by a crazy South African dude that went from St. Maarten to a tiny, green cone-shaped island sticking out of the sea. I pointed, "I want to go there."

The movie location in St. Maarten was for Once Around with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus. Danny Aiello entertained us at the blackjack tables every night after dinner, with his Long Island Railroad shtick. I think he was once a conductor, and could do the "all aboard" and "next stop" announcements on demand, saying all the names of the stops on the Ronkonkoma line.

When I got to Saba, the very elegant little Dutch volcano island, there wasn't much to do but drink Heineken and hike around. I wound up near the top before it got foggy and I realized the snake potential. I came across the hut above. I called out. I had a cold drink.

My fiance was deep sea diving that day and I'm glad I didn't do that. I would have missed meeting the mayor of Saba, and seeing this hut, which had a piano in it, by the way.

Update: Found another picture taken on Saba that same day:


Corey said...

"there wasn't much to do but drink Heineken and hike around"

I'm certain you just described my idea of heaven...wait, no Guinness?

dancing at gunpoint said...

i like this blog.

archeress said...

Dutch island, Corey, i think the guinness steamship bypasses this one, as i only saw the familiar green bottles everywhere. but you would have liked it.
dancing, thank you for that very much. i have renewed verve for my blog now. trying to find the polaroid i took of dave hasselhoff, the one on which he wrote at the bottom, "instant asshole, just add alcohol". really could get something for that on ebay probably.

Anonymous said...

your hot, I'd bang you..... preferably while copyranter watched.

David said...

That anonymous comment is terrible but the placement is unexpectedly hilarious.

I do enjoy this blog as well, though. I really liked the pictures of the LA nightscape from the Errol Flynn house. Pretty damn bright.