Sunday, September 17, 2006

Turbo Interceptor

The Wraith was the second or third film job for me, working for John Kemeny (Quest for Fire) and Jeffrey Sudzin. At the end of this job, I put Charlie Sheen on a plane to the Philippines, where he went to shoot Platoon. The car was by far the best part of the movie. Sheen gets killed, and then comes back as a "wraith" in this car to avenge his death. The young Nick Cassavetes

and Sherilyn Fenn starred (obviously this isn't Sherilyn, I think it is Vickie Benson). Clint Howard helped me with my overheated mustang at a 7-11 once during filming, and Griffin O'Neal took care of my kitten Sedona. There was a fatal accident on this movie, during a car chase scene. Last words spoken to me by the cameraman who was killed, "here's my per diem. when my wife wakes up and comes down here, make sure she gets this. she wants to go shopping today." his entire weekly perdiem. there's nothing more to say. I later heard that his wife remarried a nice guy and that his little boy was fine.

The turbo car was an actual pace car, and these are the guys (the three on the left) who designed the wraith "suit". The guy on the right was a teamster, I forget his name.


Corey said...

These behind-the-scenes stories, rather than the story itself, are often far more interesting than the final product. Case in point. So, thanks for the sharing.

copyranter said...

Can you get me that suit? I want it to drive in around Manhattan.

Corey said...

To hell with that suit - I want that great hair (far left in group photo).

archeress said...

hey corey, he was german, cut him some slack. come to think of it, half my students at nyu have that exact hairdo now, all these years later. cr, i don't know what happened to that suit. i'll ask around for you.

Wes said...

Cool blog entry! If you're still keeping up with this page, and if you're willing, please stop by the following site. A gentleman in Kansas has aquired one of the prop cars used for race scenes in the Wraith and is collecting as much information about the movie and the car to help rebuild it. I'm sure he would love your input. There is a discussion forum attached to his site.


archeress said...

There's another post and photo somewhere here about the cast members, ONeal, Bozian, and Sherill. A lot happened on this movie, and it's interesting I get mail from people who are interested in it, from Britain and all over. I read somewhere that the actual car is restored in a museum. Your friend's site links weren't working today for some reason, but I'll check it out later. He isn't spelling Tucson right. The old Wraith hotel is still there on Miracle Mile, as they called it.

Girl in Daytona said...

The blonde with Nick Cassavetes is not Vickie Benson. Why do I know this? Because she is me... Elizabeth Cox was my SAG name at that time. Now I go by my married name; Liz Kern and you can check out my subsequent film & TV credits on the IMDb movie database.

I continued in the business and shot a few more movies including one called "Intruder" that is a cult hit among Sam Raimi fans.

"The ex-boyfriend of a check-out girl at a supermarket returns at closing time to make trouble. They quarrel and the boyfriend is ejected from the store. After they lock the building up to take inventory, the employees start dying off, and the survivors must eventually find a way to escape with their lives. Written by Ed Sutton {}"

I was that check-out girl.

I did some more work - but quit in about 1993 to go to college at USC - graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism.

In 1996, I left Los Angeles to become a news anchor for the CBS station in El Paso, Texas. For over a decade I worked there and I was the one interviewing the different celebrities. I also shot a film playing the late Chris Penn's wife called Juarez Stages of Fear. It was about the murder of women in Juarez.

Now, I work for the El Paso Zoo as Marketing Coordinator. I still do some TV - but only for the Zoo promotion.
I have to say it was a blast from the past when I was contacted about a possible reunion. What a fun idea.... and Tucson is not that far from El Paso. Maybe I will see you Wraith fans next year.
Warm Wishes - Liz Kern
"Girl in the Daytona"

Anonymous said...

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