Saturday, October 14, 2006

working animals i have loved

A black wolf hybrid on the movie Natural Born Killers. (full-blooded wolves don't have blue eyes the trainers said.)
He literally had crap on his paw one morning, and jumped up on me because i was probably trying to pet him. (you don't really "pet" a wolf, even a tame one. they don't wag their tails like dogs. they have a much more steely disposition, obviously.) So I walked around with wolf crap on my white tshirt for the rest of the day. "hey g--, how come you got mud on your shirt? it's not mud, it's wolf shit. oh, you were in the pen again? yep." how many people get to do that at work?

Here I am having a conversation with Blink, the "retrieve" raven trained by Harry Potter wizards Gary Gero and Mark Jackson. She could pick up stuff with her beak and carry it as she flew. She tried to pick up the receiver on the phone in my hotel room once. Her favorite food: bloody raw horsemeat, fed by hand.

Little "Tex" the armadillo from the WASP video.

Shar-peis are weird looking as all hell. They look like
sea manatees. Looks better than me, though, christ what was with those bangs? and fugly outfit.

Fargo's chickens getting a drink of water on the set of Young Riders.

Trying to figure out where Eddie Money lived while working on At Close Range outside of Nashville, I think these were his colts. omg they were so cute. Cropped out my large ass, oh yes i did.

Kissing a rattlesnake ( i try to love all creatures) in the Mohave desert for a lame ass TV movie, Dalton Code of Vengeance with Charlie Haid and Tex Cobb. It's illegal to bring rattlers across state lines, so snake wranglers would have to catch them in the state where they would be filmed, "milk and de-fang," place them in the shot, and then take them back out and set them free again. I'm sure that wasn't legal either but that's how they did it. Fangs grow back like sharks' teeth, and pretty quickly too. I saw a lot of snakes over the years, needless to say.


Anonymous said...

I produce commercials and came across copyranter's hilarious blog. From that, I found yours. I love it. You are a wonderful story teller. Thanks for sharing.

Velvet Sea said...

cool post.

copyranter said...

This is the most satisfying animal post I've ever read.

greenman said...

late to your party... apologies... just pulled your email from my blocker. You've loved animals from way back... i keep thinking how lucky your boy is.

dancing at gunpoint said...

i think that getting wolf shit on your shirt means good luck.

New York Punk said...

wolf, raven, armadillo, shar-peis, chickens, horses, snakes and copy writers...dammit i couldn't think of a pattern and i refuse lame animal house jokes.

Corey said...

You kiss a lot of animals. But, I'm sure you already knew that.

Anonymous said...

How come this site comes up on top when I Google "bestiality"?