Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sorry you had to be killed for christmas

a magnificent three-story tall evergreen was put to death recently. it is on view for the next several weeks in front of the arch at washington square park, where you can watch its beauty slowly desiccate. some shiny christmas balls hanging from the arch would have sufficed for me.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

home for the holidays update

update: the "skywalk" (okay? it's not really a bridge, i admit). The Skywalk is not open yet. It is taking a little longer than planned to actually get it all done. There is some process called "Jack and Roll" that still has to be completed. As soon as it's open ("first quarter of 2007" they say - sounds a little vague), I will go, and I will invite anyone who wants to come with me.

I'm going to Arizona this week. Things to do: see the glass bridge that is supposed to be finished now. I'm not afraid of heights.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

other types of animals

People seemed to like my working animals post, so I will continue that theme one more time. There are other species of working beasts on the movie location circuit. Most visible and noisy would be that which is called "stuntman". It takes a special man to flip a car or jump off a cliff. When they hang around the production office, they like to preen and display their feathers. Their call is "any messages for me?"

Stuntman Randy Peters. Yes, that was his name.

Next is the sub-category of stuntplayer (the technical term) called the "wrangler". This one can do all kinds of tricks while on horseback. They don't preen as much, at least not in public. Their call is "yes, ma'am".

Kane Hodder in Ghost Town

And last but never least, there is the related variety called the "teamster". They are basically car and truck hounds. They know how to fix things. Their call is, "where we goin for lunch?"

Transpo coordinator, Gary Hellerstein