Sunday, December 24, 2006

the best christmas

over the years, if i think about the best christmases, i have to say my thoughts wouldn't include the new canaan mansion in-law parties with the egg nog and the "thank you so much for the LL bean tote bag," nor would they include the "i cooked a fabulous seven-course meal for a dozen people" either. i would lean more towards one of these visions from years past:

-making and serving beef stew to homeless people at the soup kitchen set up by the b'nai b'rith synagogue on the upper west side.
-going for a hike in the catalina mountains with my favorite relatives and having a huge picnic on a picnic table at the trail head before coming home to nap the rest of the day.
-performing songs from charlie and the chocolate factory with my friends at a bunch of children's wards and old folks homes (the children's cancer ward at any hospital is a tough place to smile and sing, let me tell you, but i was dressed as a fairy princess (of course) and they all wanted to touch my dress and be magic wanded, so i had to suck it up).
-under a tree on the beach in mexico half sleeping, half listening to the waves, while my mom read her book: the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind (good god that was embarrassing).

things i would like to have for christmas:

-new rosanne cash CD (cash CD, that's cool)
-a tight "team Rosie" t shirt to wear around mid-town.
-good health for me and all my loved ones

Friday, December 01, 2006

to die for? probably.

we went. the first day. earlier show. gorgeous movie theater, the ziegfeld. anyway, this damn movie opens with a free running sequence that is unforgettable. what must have taken a week or two to shoot plays out in about ten or fifteen minutes of a chase, featuring a world class parkour champion, and, of course, james bond. it's breathtaking.

we actually see bond fall in actual love. i don't recall ever seeing that in a bond film before. the shower's indescribable. he's so tough but also pathetic and insecure, struggling the entire time. the beautiful, independent-thinking women all die, of course. the torture scene is abu-ghraib and i could do without it. but daniel craig is dreamy and funny and in ridiculous shape. i just had to write a post about it.