Friday, December 01, 2006

to die for? probably.

we went. the first day. earlier show. gorgeous movie theater, the ziegfeld. anyway, this damn movie opens with a free running sequence that is unforgettable. what must have taken a week or two to shoot plays out in about ten or fifteen minutes of a chase, featuring a world class parkour champion, and, of course, james bond. it's breathtaking.

we actually see bond fall in actual love. i don't recall ever seeing that in a bond film before. the shower's indescribable. he's so tough but also pathetic and insecure, struggling the entire time. the beautiful, independent-thinking women all die, of course. the torture scene is abu-ghraib and i could do without it. but daniel craig is dreamy and funny and in ridiculous shape. i just had to write a post about it.


Maulleigh said...

So I gotta see this already, huh? My roommate said it was the best she'd ever seen. all right!! All right!! I'll add it to the Netflix queue.

copyranter said...

He takes your breath away. Really. Just read today that Craig wants to do a love scene with a man somewhere down the line in the Franchise, including doing a full frontal nude. He def. doesn't have any hangups.

archeress said...

well if that's what he wants to do, okay, but i would rather see his full frontal between sheets with eva green, personally, but to each his own, cr.

Maulleigh said...

We went to this on Xmas eve and we're still talking about the damn thing over the dinner table and our morning cups of coffee. I really liked it too. He was falliable; he was human. I look forward to more in this series.

I miss you a lot, Gina!! I hope you're doing okay/better. Guess who got a year gift membership to the MET!!! Wanna go? (I'll pay your way)