Saturday, February 03, 2007

From Paper to Screen

from paper to film a museum in Reno(!)

The most interesting part of working on media-related projects, for me, has been the chance to make something large from something small. The realization that a piece of paper--a half-assed idea in someone's mind or on their computer, can be blown up into a tangible object, or into an image that might be seen or heard by millions of people. The first time I realized this concept was in fifth grade, when we moved into a house that my dad built with his friend Pete, a Yaqui Indian, that I had seen being worked out on paper on the kitchen table for a long time, but then there it was standing there. And again, after choreographing a routine in my bedroom junior year of high school, that was later performed by a line of dancers at a U of A football game. Seemed funny to me, being on the giant field doing that routine to Superstition on loudspeakers, more or less the same thing that was figured out on the rug at home, with the cassette player. From small to bigger.

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