Thursday, February 22, 2007

Skiing with Kiefer

The film crew photo is a genre all it's own. There is the full crew deal, where everyone is summoned away from their lunch to an area of the set that seems appropriate, and the stills photographer takes a few, which are then printed and distributed. It's often at the tail end of a shoot, when most, if not all of the important actors have wrapped and gone home. There is also the inner circle crew photo, usually just of specific departments. Before digital cameras, the polaroid was king of the set, at about a dollar or two per photo.

Here we are after skiing on the Sunday off, with Kiefer Sutherland (purple in center), me, a young Balthazar Getty (front, with bag of chips), the location manager Michelle (pink), some art department guys (and gal, Patricia), the TomKats catering guy (red sweater), and some grips. Kiefer is an example of a famous actor who doesn't need rehab. Totally professional and nice to everyone.

His assistant was not a hot young girl, but rather a hand-me-down who had worked for his father, Donald, for many years. Maurice Dunster, Kiefer's man-assistant was an older British bloke who spoke in cockney rhyming slang all day (mind your plates!). Maurice must have done a good job taking care of everything, because I never had to do anything annoying or special for Kiefer. Too bad that show he's on now glorifies torture. That is a drag.


copyranter said...

I hope all the screaming he does on "24" (it seems that ALL his dialogue is screaming) doesn't turn him into an actual angry man.

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Jetpacks said...

Screaming is only 1/4 of his dialog delivery. The rest is whisper real mean!