Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"NBK" Productions

I always wondered why film production companies would have such silly made-up sounding names. I already wrote about the time I got stuck having to tell the US Air Force I was with "Commies from Mars" productions, with a straight face. Early on, I didn't understand the whole 'limited liability corporation' separation from the parent company reasoning. Same situation working on the Oliver Stone movie, Natural Born Killers-- why couldn't I just say I was with Warner Brothers? Imagine trying to rent out an entire motel complex in a small town, explaining to the nice people that sometime around midnight, a tired, wired, cranky, uh, self-medicated movie crew of almost 300 people would be checking in, and the name is, "Killers".

This was the dumb business card they gave me when they hired me as the advance unit manager. Was I supposed to hand-write my name in the middle there? Luckily I don't look very much like a killer, and I was able to pull off the motel stunt night after night across three states, but christ they make it difficult with the stupid names. Fortunately, Oliver's accountant, B.A. Stein [god bless this woman] kept me supplied with ten grand in petty cash at all times, so I could go for awhile without writing any of the "NBK" checks. The motel people never even knew what movie it was that came through town.