Sunday, May 13, 2007

do i miss working on movies?

sometimes yes, more frequently, no. it's not unlike being a carny or working for ringling brothers and barnum and bailey. once in awhile, you get a job where you can live in the same place for many months, which is nicer, because you feel like you really live in the town, experience things as a "local", even though it's an apartment with rented furniture and you never see the bills for any of it.

this photo of bruce glover (the "dealer") and jimmie skaggs is one of my favorites because of its irony. glover, who plays the good guy in the movie is actually an asshole in real life, and jimmie, who plays the bad guy, is (was) the sweetest, most lovely man you could ever hope to meet. i just read on imdb that skaggs died of lung cancer a couple of years ago. why the good people? why?


Jetpacks said...

Well - I guess that explains why Crispin is so messed up.

Jetpacks said...

Did you ever relocate Quiet Sound?

archeress said...

Thanks for asking. I did go to Vox, which handles audio posts, but I detest the "Ads by Google" in between every post, and the layout options are not as nice as Blogger, so back to the drawing board for Quiet Sound; must figure out a better solution.