Thursday, May 24, 2007

name some names or shut up

Every quarter, the various film unions (this one, SAG) print the names of production companies that have defaulted on their requisite payroll, pension and health contributions, royalty payments, or otherwise. The business is absoultely full of liars and cheaters, but "the unfair list" tells you absolutely nothing. Production company names are nothing more than temporary LLCs set up for the sole purpose of being quickly dissolved and untraceable, while the actual people who run the companies just move from one to another, without being held accountable for anything.


David said...

Those are some of the greatest film names ever. "Goat on Fire?"

"Basketcase II?" I missed the first one.

The fact that any of these films expect to make any money is utterly ridiculous, especially when you look at their freakin' names.

I guess I need to a) write a horrible script, b) find an investor, c)film it, d) tell everyone I'll pay them "later," and e) flee. Looks like hundreds of people make money that way.

archeress said...

exactly my point! "Goat on Fire" 1999 won some award at the Toronto Film Festival, and the Martini brothers (producer/writers) went on to secure funding for several more films since then. never held accountable!

david, don't forget, between b) and c) above, insert "set up bogus LLC so nobody can ever sue me for my ferrari and venice beach house i bought with the 900k the bank gave me, before filming my movie for 40k"

Moda di Magno said...

Amen sister - I could retire now on what I'm owed from some long gone (now dissolved) LLCs. I hope the bastards that owe me watch their mansions slide into the ocean during the winter rains.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Maybe writing up the list and publishing it makes SAG feel better, (and shows their members they are looking out for them by putting evil companies on notice.)

But as you said, it really does nothing.

It's a shame.