Friday, June 29, 2007

all in a day's work

Okay, back to business---this is another matching game. Match things that were said to me on some film job somewhere, with the person who said it.

1. I never fly commercial.

2. I only fly commercial.

3. I don't fly.

4. You see that camera? You see this face? Don't ever get in between.

5. I don't need a hotel, I'm sleeping on Emilio's couch.

6. (sung) It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody, I got some money 'cos I just got paid...

7. Who called? (me: Stephen Baldwin again) Aw christ. He keeps inviting me to his party, and I have to go to because it's Alec's little brother. Come on, guys, let's all just go, what the hell. (groans from Alan Ruck and Christian Slater)

8. Did you pack my suitcase for me? Did you get everything? (me: absolutely, yes) I mean, did you look in the bathroom? (yes, it's all taken care of) Are you sure you looked in the bathroom? (yes, I promise) You got everything?...Where are we moving to tonight?

9. Can we stop at the store on the way to the hotel? I need to buy some underwear.

10. Can you ask Kelly Householder to come in here and give me a blowjob?

11. My cellphone is NOT WORKING. GOD DAMMIT I NEED MY CELLPHONE. JESUS CHRIST, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? (me: we're in a rock canyon, 400 feet on all sides, I don't think any phone will work down here). GET ME A PHONE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, I NEED A FUCKING PHOOOOOOONE!!!!!!

A. Richard Chamberlain

B. Lou Diamond

C. Oliver

D. J Peter Robinson (who?)

E. Gianni Bonjovi

F. Don Johnson

G. Jobeth Williams

H. Emilio

I. Billy Petersen

J. Rick Moranis

K. Ellen Barkin

Sunday, June 24, 2007

archeress's june baseball report

"Paul-Lo-Du-ca" clap, clap, clap clap clap.

Today the Mets finished a sweeping win over the A's, and from the behind-home-plate VIP seats (thanks to the boyfriend's work clients), we watched closely and cheered. It was fun going to Shea last year, and it was fun AGAIN!

We saw Jose Reyes's "run home" (not exactly a home run) in the first inning, and the day just kept getting better. We learned a few things, such as the young Carlos Gomez is truly faster than light. And, built like a tall brick shithouse. And, we witnessed the sound of a John Maine 93mph fastball into the glove of Paul LoDuca (thwack!, or was it fwhhoppt!). Mostly I just enjoyed the game, but I managed a few photos of some of my absolute favorite athletes (when the pieces of shit are playing well, that is).

today's most valuable player, Jose Valentin.

the girls can't get enough of David Wright, but he doesn't yet have a snappy name song.

okay, he ain't Beltran, but he does have nice form.

85 degrees and Rick still kept his coat on.

elegant relief pitcher, has very long hands.

okay, the Lo-Duca bobble-head dolls were only for the kids, 12 and under...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

the frisbee, 2007

incoming platter

we celebrated 50 years of the Frisbee, formerly known as the "Pluto Platter". okay, we didn't know until today that it was the anniversary, so we celebrated (yesterday) without realizing it.

le champ

Sunday, June 10, 2007

did you just say that?

this is a matching game. match the quote with the person who said it to me. these were some of the "funnier" ones.

1. "I've been a junkie for five years and I swear this is the first time my face has broken out."

2. "No, my girlfriend does NOT stay in my hotel room. She has her own room, okay? Make sure that happens."

3. "You sent. a person. with black skin. to pick me up. at the airport."

4. "My wife and I take vacations away from one another." me: "you mean, for a few days?" "more like, a few months."

A. rodney dangerfield

B. jenny "lawnmower man" wright

C. anthony zerbe

D. edie "ferris bueller" mcclurg