Sunday, June 24, 2007

archeress's june baseball report

"Paul-Lo-Du-ca" clap, clap, clap clap clap.

Today the Mets finished a sweeping win over the A's, and from the behind-home-plate VIP seats (thanks to the boyfriend's work clients), we watched closely and cheered. It was fun going to Shea last year, and it was fun AGAIN!

We saw Jose Reyes's "run home" (not exactly a home run) in the first inning, and the day just kept getting better. We learned a few things, such as the young Carlos Gomez is truly faster than light. And, built like a tall brick shithouse. And, we witnessed the sound of a John Maine 93mph fastball into the glove of Paul LoDuca (thwack!, or was it fwhhoppt!). Mostly I just enjoyed the game, but I managed a few photos of some of my absolute favorite athletes (when the pieces of shit are playing well, that is).

today's most valuable player, Jose Valentin.

the girls can't get enough of David Wright, but he doesn't yet have a snappy name song.

okay, he ain't Beltran, but he does have nice form.

85 degrees and Rick still kept his coat on.

elegant relief pitcher, has very long hands.

okay, the Lo-Duca bobble-head dolls were only for the kids, 12 and under...


copyranter said...

Jose Reyes and Carlos Gomez can both run completely around the bases in less time that it takes Ramon Castro just to run to first.

Moda di Magno said...

Nice reporting lady!