Sunday, June 10, 2007

did you just say that?

this is a matching game. match the quote with the person who said it to me. these were some of the "funnier" ones.

1. "I've been a junkie for five years and I swear this is the first time my face has broken out."

2. "No, my girlfriend does NOT stay in my hotel room. She has her own room, okay? Make sure that happens."

3. "You sent. a person. with black skin. to pick me up. at the airport."

4. "My wife and I take vacations away from one another." me: "you mean, for a few days?" "more like, a few months."

A. rodney dangerfield

B. jenny "lawnmower man" wright

C. anthony zerbe

D. edie "ferris bueller" mcclurg


Jetpacks said...


David said...

B, A, D, C.

(So, that's Jenny - Junkie, Rodney - Girlfriend hotel, Edie - Racist, Anthony (who?) - wife thing.)

archeress said...

yep, Edie was the racist. She came up and apologized to me on her way back out of town. I looked at her and said, wtf lady? not me you need to apologize to.
Zerbe (Matrix) also told me he kept an old apartment uptown NYC that was only $350 a month. jerk.