Monday, July 23, 2007

these beautiful clouds are the reason

that i got stranded and had to spend the night on the floor of the chicago o'hare airport last week. planes don't fly when there's lightning. and when scores of flights are cancelled, and it's late at night, hotels are full, restaurants closed, and the "cots" provided by the city (otherwise used in homeless shelters i imagine) are all taken. so you lie down behind the baggage conveyor belt, with about fifty other people, and listen to annoying recorded announcements that continue all through the night. people go outside to smoke and then can't get back in until 5am. it was very surreal. it's not for the weak or the neurotic. i had some trouble with it.

when i got to arizona, 30 hours (!) after leaving la guardia, karen's prius picked me up all by itself. i thought i was hallucinating from lack of sleep, but no, i'm pretty sure it was actually driving itself. note the outside temperature, and also the miles per gallon (wow).

the prius told some jokes and cheered me up, and after sleeping for 17 hours straight, i pulled it together and went, late, to my meetings.

fuck o'hare and all the overbooked airlines and their federal bailouts and their CEO bonuses and their brain-dead representatives, and their stupid recorded announcements "if you see something, say something..." ...okay, i see a thousand people stranded like refugees, everything from japanese businessmen in expensive suits, to elderly people, all lying on the floor of the airport. that's what i see. and i see an american woman crying over by the baggage conveyor." hello? is anyone there?

i can't wait to get home.


Moda di Magno said...

Bummer trip. I hope you are close to decent Mexican food and a lot of great tequila.

copyranter said...

and I can't wait for you to get home. that first pic is beautiful.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Oh that absolutely sucks. Poor you.

And shame on them for leaving all of you, (especially elderly people,) nowhere to sleep but the dirty floor.