Thursday, October 04, 2007

first film job

i think this might be the first time i was ever on an actual film shoot. In college, at LMU in Los Angeles, out behind the dorms, beyond the parking lot, in the field of yellow flowers--venezuelan filmmaker, francisco moreno (above), surveys the location before filming. not far beyond/below this field, was the pacific ocean.

the film was a story about central america. i remember baking a large cake (moreno wanted green frosting with yellow letters like on a map) and cutting it into the shape of central america. the two "generals" --one shown below, argue at a table in the middle of the field, and then they "divide" the land, or cut the cake with a huge knife. note the wardrobe addition of a dollar bill taped like a medal to the uniform.

the woman above (white shirt) was named michelle and i remember that she was from beverly hills and her parents kept a cover on their swimming pool during the winter, and that i swam around in there one night under the cover, which was about two feet off the surface of the water. everyone else was inside watching the academy awards on her parents' giant tv.

so i guess my very first film job was as a food stylist. imagine that. i'm sure there are condos all over that field now.